Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wedding wednesday: the rings

i am a huge fan of unique wedding bands and engagement rings... (and yes, this was before duchess kate came on the scene with her sapphire and such). from interesting stones to antique throwbacks, there is nothing better...that is, if rings are your thing. i personally love the tradition, but that is just me. 

back in the day when husband and i were just regular ol' boyfriend-girlfriend we had the whole wedding conversation when things got all hot and heavy. husband (then boyfriend) played it right when he inquired about "the ring" prior to making any big decisions. my response...something different. we did some looking around on the internet, but ultimately he came up with what you see above. this man has taste people... i think i'll keep him. he went with a green tea sapphire stone...can't get much more unique than that. even better, he got it off etsy from a small, independent jeweler who is passionate about using conflict-free stones...the engagement ring also didn't cost him the bank. triple score.


>> i did some digging of my own and found some other fab non-diamond alternatives... take a gander <<

rings 1,2,6 rare earth // ring 3 one garnet girl // ring 4 pompeii // ring 5 kristin coffin


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  2. I am in love with the first ring. I have been looking for a pre owned engagement ring just like that. I love the color, since it looks like my birthstone. Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous rings with everyone.

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