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woof. hello. hola.

they often say the best way to meet that certain somebody is through work. in our case, they were right. after much reluctance and avoidance I agreed to have a friendly cup of coffee with the loud, persistent yet handsome spanish teacher in my building. this benign cup of joe turned into a four hour jaunt that left us both smitten.

in june of 2012, our adventure as husband and wife began. we wed in a whimsical DIY backyard wedding surrounded by our treasured loved ones. husband and i live and teach in the midwest where we were both born and raised. that cute furry bottom you see up top belongs to tate, our beloved mutt. he too plans on making an appearance from time to time on this little corner of the interwebs.

i created pretty preened as a way to share my love for food, family, travel, all things design, fashion, DIY, thrifting and other miscellaneous lifestyle musings. husband and i are on the cusp of great adventure as we are hoping to expand our family and just purchased a nice little fixer-upper. it's about to get real, folks. have a poke around and stay a while.

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