Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wedding wednesday: restyle the dress

polka dots and feathers
feather skirt

i have been dying for an opportunity to rewear my reception dress. when we got married, husband and i agreed that every year on our anniversary (that is every year we remain the same weight...not sure how long that will last) we will get all fancy in our wedding garb and hit the town. during our one year wedding anniversary coming up in june, husband (and hopefully yours truly as well) will be in spain on a trip with students. there is no way i am lugging the dress overseas...though that would be romantic.

instead, i opted for a little restyle challenge for our annual valentine's day tradition. since we have been together, husband and i have celebrated the holiday of love by filling our bellies with a three-course brunch of french delicacies. no better venue for a little feather action. my dress worked its sartorial magic as it breathed new life as a skirt under my winter layers. i did some major shopping in my own closet to come up with this lovely combo. my only wish would have been for the weather to was pouring rain and dreary. i am talking buckets, people. white backdrop for an ivory skirt wouldn't be my first choice...but, we work with what we got.

feather skirt
outfit details:
wedding dress worn as skirt
forever 21 polka dot blouse
j.crew kimono jacket
thrifted stole
vintage clutch
franco sarto heels

some more feather fun.

feather skirts / pretty preened

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  1. Such a fun look! Love the feathers... especially with all the other pattern/texture!

    1. thanks so much, Laura. love, love to play with patterns!

  2. OK, your reception dress is absolutely gorgeous! You looked beautiful, and I love love love how you re-styled it...the fur collar is perfect with it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Super creative! I love you you've pulled it off with a slightly more casual vibe, the combination of the feathers and the coat is adorable!

  4. The dress which you show here is very beautiful and very different. I would say your choice is very good and thanks for sharing it.

    Check It Out


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