Thursday, February 21, 2013

strawberry blush

pink for spring

pink peplum topoutfit details:
bcbg pumps <<clearance $15, tjmaxx>>
vintage clutch <<gift from husband>>
togua nut ring <<similar>>
charlotte russe necklace 
forever21 peplum top
forever21 striped tee
thrifted it jeans

wisconsin appears to be getting another dose of winter. lame. spring can't come soon enough. i am so over the cold, snow, and snotty-nosed students. on a brighter note (literally), this outfit appears to be cheering things up a bit. thank goodness for fashion. it fixes everything. well, most things. you just can't be in a sour mood when decked out in pink.

the best part of this outfit...the price. we here at pretty preened really do try to be conscious of our budget (husband sometimes needs reminding). husband and i really do what we can to live for experiences and not really for "things." the things we do procure tend to be pretty, yet pocket-book friendly. this outfit is no exception. the whole thing...yes everything, cost under sixty bucks. 


  1. Love this color! The stripes and the peplum are so cute together!

  2. This outfit is so flattering on you. Everything about it is great!

  3. I love these colors and your necklace is gorgeous!! Love your blog!!

  4. ugh I totally agree. spoiled being in california, but I'd love for the real warm weather to start happening any day now :)

  5. What an adorable outfit on you! I really love it.


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