Thursday, February 7, 2013

time to buy: winter coats

winter coats on sale

<< c.wonder coats are an additional 50% off the price above with a discount code found at their site >>

shopping is best suited for the pocketbook of a budgeter like me during the tail end of a season. as the post title states, now is the time to procure a little winter coat action for next year. winter outerwear sales tend to go through to the end of february so you better hop to it if you are in the market.  if you happen to live in the midwest like we do, you might even still get what feels like a full seasons wear out of it. it never ends here in wisconsin.

when buying for a season a full 8-10 months ahead of time, i typically try to purchase classic, more streamlined looks. this is not the time you see me jumping on a trend bandwagon. if it suits you, go right ahead. get crazy. sales certainly do lead us to do nutty things. 

the pretties you see above have been hovering around my radar. now all i have to do is choose one...or two. don't tell husband.


  1. This really is a great time to buy Winter Coats. I found some great deals at Burlington Coat Factory last week, and with the weather we've been having I've already been able to make use of them. I saved about $80 on a winter coat that I couldn't resist.

  2. Third and fifth pieces are amazing. I would like to buy it.


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