Friday, January 18, 2013

daydreaming of a book-hammock combo

it's official... i've got the winter blues. i really haven't been able to send them packing since beginning the battle with evil flu 2013. it's sad really... i am this close to beginning the summer break count down. scary and far too early, people! if you are a teacher, you know exactly what i am talking about. don't get me wrong, i really do love my job. i just am in need a breather and a moment to sit down and read a book that i want...a book for leisure would be oh so lovely. 

if i could, i would plop myself down in one of these beauties you see here and curl up with my trusty copy of pride and prejudice. i can't wait until husband and i get ourselves that fixer-upper we have been lusting for. first order of business-- indoor hammock. well, maybe not the first order, but certainly one to be put on the docket. i love the thought of bringing this typically outdoor comfort to the indoors. stellar stuff right here.

check out these pretty hammock purveyors below in blue and pick one up for your dwelling so you too can live on the wild side while swinging low on your sweet indoor chariot.

image sources: 1/2/3/4


  1. This is incredible! If you find out where to buy them, do tell.... x

    1. Hello Bess....thanks for reading! There are three links in the middle of the post that will direct you to some online shops to purchase your own hammock!


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