Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend in minneapolis

weekend in minneapolis
husband and i travelled up to the cities this past weekend for a study abroad conference. husband is taking a group of students to spain this summer... i just might get to tag along. as you can tell from the pictures, outside of the conference we didn't do much but eat amazing food and drink local beer. it's kind of a running theme for us...most things revolve around food. and beer. i also holed myself up in our hotel room on saturday to work and of course didn't get as much accomplished as i would have liked to. that whole house purchase offer thing has been occupying much of my brain space these past few days.

we did venture out in the evenings and managed to fill our bellies with some to. die. for. nosh. friday was spent at pizzeria lola, while saturday we got all fancy at tilia. both places knocked our socks off and if you live near minneapolis or find yourself in the area, you must make these joints a destination to hit very, very soon.

a few of our weekend highlights….

>> argument in the car about mcdonald’s coffee. husband claims i’ve tried it. i know i haven’t. we both have bad memories at times. i win.
>> husband’s one-armed air guitar while rocking out to radiohead in the car.
>> listening to our wedding playlist. husband’s doing, not mine. i think i will keep him.
>> husband admitting he has the worst singing voice he has ever heard. he is only half right.
>> aaron neville and louis armstrong impressions. (we must entertain ourselves somehow)
>> husband turning up the volume and bass for a lil Britney and exclaiming “chad would be proud.”
>> homemade soft serve ice cream topped with olive oil and salt. amazeballs. thank you pizzeria lola for the flavor explosion.
>> husband claiming minneapolis is the portland of the midwest. neither one of us has ever been to portland.
>> lady zaza pizza…going to try and recreate this one at home. maybe one day i can share it with you.
>> complimentary breakfast bar and cocktail hour. i am beginning to like you, embassy suites.
>> five comfy pillows on our hotel bed. 3 for me, 2 for husband. just how i like it.
>> finding my missing mitten. they just work better in pairs.
>> surly beer. come on surly, time for distribution to happen in milwaukee.
>> rocking a grown adult hickey. don’t act like it has never happened. it is totally ok because we are married now.
>> being holed up in a hotel room working while wearing my cozy fleece-lined leggings (although this was only cool for about an hour).
>> husband making friends with a pine bough. don't ask.
>> eating brussel sprouts at dinner on friday and saturday. tilia's wins...hands down.
>> watching a dad in a tuxedo take his little girl out on a dinner date. husband got all gushy and says he can't wait to do the same :)
>> getting all nostalgic roaming around my old neighborhood. i miss my minneapolis folk.
>> insanely huge mussels swimming in a broth of green curry, mushrooms and pumpkin courtesy of tilia.
>> ginger and blood orange cake. boom.
>> after bar at hotel bar- chez daniels courtesy of becky. we had a fab time but there was nothing chez about it.
>> not dying in the car while tackling a drive through a nasty storm. thank you husband for your stellar driving skills (even though your winter driving has a tendency to make me nervous).

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