Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy day + ode to husband

i am a sucker for valentine's day.... though not in a way one might normally think. growing up, valentine's day was a big deal in our household. we are talking big big. no matter the day of the week, my parents would wake us up early and gather my brothers and i around the table for a grandiose valentine's breakfast. this was always accompanied by red themed gifts found at our dining spots. valentine's day was yet another opportunity for my parents to show us how much they loved and valued us for the individuals that we are.

because of this tradition, there has never been a valentine's day where i have grumbled and moaned if i found myself sans a man to share it with. i always welcome this day with great fondness as i think back to the yearly family breakfasts filled with pancakes and chocolate. now that we all live apart, my family is beginning to start new holiday traditions.

this year, for the first time ever... i get to have this day as a wife to quite frankly, the world's most kick ass man. i know, yuck.... get a room, blah blah save the mooshy, gooshy stuff...nobody wants to hear it. yada, yada. whatever, it's true. so there. today i share with you my ode to husband. being the blogger that i am, i guess it just may be in my nature to bring my pda viral. so here goes. beware of the nerdiness to come.

p.s. editor is not allowed to see this post prior to publishing so please feel free to ignore any undetected grammatical errors. feel free to ignore it all, whatever floats your boat.

>> ode to husband <<

crying during movies is that thing you do
your generous heart always open

spending long jaunts fixing your hair in the mirror
i stopped judging long ago

the master of friendship on call at a moments notice
lucky to call you my bestest

a man of routine who still conjures up a surprise
amaze me you manage to do

a faithful man with a heart of sparkle and gold
what did i ever do to deserve you

a son, a brother, a doting husband
can't wait for you to become more

thank you for being you
while loving me for me

-your wife

no plans to quit my day job anytime soon for the luxurious life of a poet.

happy valentine's day.

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  1. so cute! Happy heart day to you both.


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