Wednesday, January 30, 2013

wedding wednesday: reception dress

feather reception dress

when planning for our wedding i was convinced that a reception dress was a grand idea. now that it has come and gone, i am elated that i opted to go that route. my reception dress was a true labor of love.. even though everyone thought i was bat poo crazy. feathers on your wedding dress? your mom is going to alter it? damn straight. 

the idea to alter my mom's wedding dress didn't come until half way through the planning process. my mom trusted in my vision from the beginning... bless that woman. she was ready to tackle the project right alongside me. she poked her fingers too many times to count when sewing feathers and complied when i requested to take it in just another smidge. the two of us really did make this happen all on our own. my only regret... not taking pictures during the process. if only i had the blogger brain back then.

this dress is something i will be holding onto for a long time to come. heck, bury me in this sucker. not only is it a stunner, it belonged to a woman i admire wholeheartedly and couldn't love any more than i currently do. this project pretty much topped all others, as i was able to work alongside my partner in crime, my mother, my rock. thanks mom for being such a sensational planner and helping to make our wedding day extraordinary.

p.s. isn't she a beauty!?

mom's wedding dress before alteration
feather reception dress

we found feathers here and the brooch was thrifted.


  1. Wow. You brought tears to my eyes. This was so brave of you! I'm way too much of a sentimental hoarder to ever alter something like my mom's wedding dress. But you figured out a way to make it usable again and gave it new life. That is much more of a favor to the dress than keeping it in storage somewhere. Very nicely done! The midsection detailing is phenomenal. Go mom.

    And congrats on the marriage! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you did an amazing job!! I can't believe how modern and chic it turned out!!! Congratulations too!!

  3. That's such a great idea and it turned out gorgeous! I love the feathers and the lace details!

  4. Amazing. Love the idea and it turned out beautiful!

  5. so modern and chic! what a fun and pretty party dress. you look fab!

  6. thanks so very much, ladies!! it turned out waaay better than we anticipated. now all i have to do is find an excuse to wear it again.

  7. beautiful!!!!! such a gorgeous dress!
    im a bride to be myself & thinking if i should get a dress thats easier to walk & dance in for the actual party...yours inspired me in so many ways!love!

    1. thanks so much, Barb. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. The alteration for your mom's dress is indeed perfect. It really turned out into very beautiful and gorgeous dress. I was very much impressed with your bravery and admire your mother for believing in you. Keep inspiring us!

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