Monday, March 4, 2013

a change is gonna come

this lovely print is found here
this darling image is a mild description of my life lately. well, minus the whole onesie and typewriter of course. oh... hang on for a sec. you thought this was going to be a baby announcement. not so much. 

things are chaotic to say the least, but for good reason. work is fulfilling as always,  yet this time of year gets insanely busy between countless iep meetings, professional developments, grades and upcoming parent teacher conferences. that and all the other normal life chaos aside, i am happy to report that husband and i are closing on our very first home this friday!! i think it is safe to officially tell the world. nothing can go wrong at this point.. at least that is what i keep telling myself. come friday we will be wearing two new hats...those of homeowners and landlords. yep, we bought a duplex. score.

husband and i couldn't be more thrilled. this is unchartered territory for us both, but thankfully we come equipped with a "better" half to guide us through whatever mess we are in for. i say mess, but hope for smooth sailing. however, i don't think people normally put home ownership and smooth sailing in the same sentence (especially when said home is over 110 years old). whatever, we'll give it a shot and hope it sticks.

a few deets...our "almost" home sits atop a hill with a sweeping view of our beloved milwaukee. our backyard butts up to a park...with a band shell and squirrels (lots of them i hear...tate will be in heaven). summer can't come soon enough, people!! i look forward to sharing our new journey, but you will have to bear with me. i honestly don't know how often i will get to post in the next month...and a lot that i might jabber on about may primarily focus on the house and diys galore. i don't foresee many outfit posts as most weekends will be spent in paint stained overalls. though those might just be making a come back.

that being said, i plan to remain true to myself and not push it. i love, love love blogging, creating, cooking and plan to make it part of my everyday, yet know that some days it just might not be possible. i don't want to drive myself mad or give any less to my students.

i know you understand. some time life just takes over. (smile)


  1. Congrats on the house! Can't wait to see it in person! I have to admit though, when I saw the pic. my heart skipped a beat. Still super exciting news!!

    1. thanks! after speaking with my mom, it seems everyone was thrown by the image!! look forward to having a double mom date involving sipping wine on the balcony while we gaze over downtown. can't wait.


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