Monday, February 25, 2013

strappin' on a camera strap

camera straps
!mo camera strap

never miss out on an opportunity to accessorize. that's what they say, anyway. i have come to realize that as a blogger (a new one at that), i am finding myself trolling along more and more with my camera in tow. i am so over the nikon strap in all of its yellow and black glory. time for an upgrade, people.

i could get all diy up in this place and make my own, or...better yet, scoop up one of these beauties. it takes so little time to just punch in a dozen or so numbers and have a nice tidy package arrive in the mail a few days later. normally i am up for a diy challenge, but march is coming quickly and there is much to be done (more on that later) with little time to spare. i am determined to have a new strap for our spring break trip to california. so, to the internets i go.

i just might have to go with the plaid barn strap....just too good to pass up and it has polka dots to boot!!


  1. love these! i have no. 3 and couldn't agree more about accessorizing!

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