Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a home for your rings

ring holder

we have a little bit of a situation going on in our boudoir. not the exact kind you might be thinking. my jewelry storage is out of control. to those on the outside i might look like an organized person, but if you poke around our flat long enough, you might disagree a wee little bit. (i do know where every thing is by the way!) one man would undoubtedly concur with my admittance of disorganization on the home front. he just happens to be my husband and roommate. lucky him.

every now and again, i tackle my accessory pile that hangs out on my dresser. today is not one of those days. sorry. another time perhaps. right now i am satisfied with just finding a home for my rings. i tend to take them off frequently when at home due to their delicate build. my wedding rings really deserve an upgrade from the current earring box they reside in when not hanging out on my fingers.

i poked around and found some great ring holder options here. still haven’t decided on the winner for me, have an opinion? i am thinking the turquoise and gold option might take the cake…so pretty. these ring holders would also be a much appreciated gift to your ladies or friends who have recently gotten engaged (we are after all close to valentine’s day, people). 

happy browsing.


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