Thursday, January 31, 2013

crushing on copper lighting

copper lighting

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with possible home ownership on the horizon, i can't help but bombard my pinterest boards with gorgeous imagery and home decor we could never possibly afford on our humble teacher salaries. these copper lights are no exception and i swear they keep popping up to tempt me. would you look at that copper and grey combination!? stunning stuff. i can't help but swoon and salivate at the thought of putting one in our maybe new casa over our maybe new dinning room table. oh, the thought of it all. i am determined to find an inexpensive alternative. in the mean time, i will leave you with these amazing interiors. i promise to clue you in if i find an amazing copper deal (or thrifty diy) in the future. i am pretty sure that copper and deal don't even belong in the same sentence.


  1. Copper spray paint + some Annie Sloan dark wax to age it up?

  2. ohhh, good thinking. that could do the trick!


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