Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wedding wednesday: the invites

wedding invite
teaching has not always been my thang. before dedicating myself to helping students with special needs, i took a go at the whole graphic designer gig. it worked out for a while, and then i quickly learned that i preferred working with and helping people..face to face. i still dabble in the printed design world from time to time, with a freelance projects here or there. it serves as a lovely hobby...that and this whole blogging thing.

this background certainly helped out when i began tackling the whole wedding invitation conundrum. i knew that i wanted something simple to reflect our outdoor, casual vibe. once i decided on the "look," there was no turning back. i finished the design and promptly marked that check on our list. knowing myself, i could have tweaked the invites until the chevron came home. 

wedding invite
wedding invite
pretty preened

invites can take up a huge chunk of a wedding budget. i feel fortunate that i was able to design ours for no cost and then take my design to a local, trusted printer. we saved a bundle. amazon was a great resource for envelopes, we found the twine on etsy, and bought the keys from a closing scrapbooking store for next to nil.

my recommendation for keeping it cost effective...make a trip to etsy and purchase a "printable" wedding invite. you won't get an actual tangible invite, but a printable file. there are a gazillion talented designers out there, and you can find many of them on etsy. the great thing about purchasing a printable wedding invite file, you support individual talent and can get them printed where you want, on the paper of your choosing. this is yet another way to support local business. in the process, you save some major cash....major. just make sure that you always, always get a proof of the invite before you have someone (whether a local printer or one online) print your hundreds of copies with your name spelled wrong on paper that is too light.

take a gander at these beauties i found on etsy...

go find these beauties on etsy!! 
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  1. I love the way the wedding invitation pictures were designed. These are all so charming! By the way, who designed the King and Queen stamp? It’s so creative!

  2. thanks so much! we ordered the stamps from, but they don't appear to be selling them any more. I did find them here on amazon

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  4. Hey!
    It's Katie here from Lane Love Design! I am the designer of the chalkboard Invitation above! Thank you so much for adding it to your blog! : ]

    1. Hello Katie, thanks for stopping by! I am smitten with your designs.

  5. wow lovely card, love the colors!Your blog make over looks amazing!

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  6. I'm a big fan of combining yellow and grey, so those second invitations are my runaway favourite!


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