Monday, April 29, 2013

weekend warriors + curtain call

my deepest apologies for the sparseness of posts as of late. buying a home making a house a home during the busiest time in the teaching year is quite the undertaking. we have gotten ourselves into quite the project. oy vey. 

husband and i spent the weekend outdoors. we raked leaves and brush that hasn't been touched in some time and began designing our backyard splendor. we trudged 15 bags of brush to the dump, trimmed hedges, and transplanted plants a plenty. we have the blisters and sore muscles that accompany this toil. i wouldn't have it any other way.

we have finally gotten five minutes to sit down and my mind drifts to interiors. i am having the toughest time trying to find curtains for our dining room. anything that i do seem to fancy is never long enough. it may come to yet another diy undertaking.... fabric and sewing machine it just may have to be. 

until then, i will continue to be inspired by these fine curtain wonders.

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