Thursday, May 2, 2013

husband tested, wife approved: harry's razors

we got crazy up in here. husband and i are doing a little switcheroo of sorts. he is having a go at this whole blogging thing and i am taking on the whole relaxing thing. let's see where this takes us....

husband here... writing my first blog post for pretty preened. i take this as an honor and privilege to share an amazing find with any and all of the gentlemen out there. ladies, feel free to share this post with the men in your life. better yet, give a shave...and give the gift of harry's. they will love you even more after their first swipe.

as you may have surmised from my last sentence, i am talking about a company that specializes in shaving accessories called harry's. perhaps you hip young cats have heard of a little company called warby parker. well they aren't just helping you to see and look better for poco dinero...they've branched out to whisking away those whiskers as well. jackpot.

as a fella that's always looking to be well groomed at a fair price, harry's is helping me to do just that. while a 12 pack of my gillette fusion cartridges cost about $35...i'm now getting a better blade at $25 for a 16 pack. i'm 5 shaves in and the blade is still going strong. score. one. for. my. pocket. and. face. 

harry's isn't just razors gents. they have stylish handles as well as shave cream. i started with a set called the truman. for a cool 15 washingtons i got a handle, 3 razors and an 8 oz bottle of shave cream. oh did i mention that they also have donate a shave program? not too shabby harry's. not too shabby indeed.

if you want to take a peek or dive right in, check out

husband. out.

p.p.s..this is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Just ordered a set for my boyfriend - thanks for the tip!

    PS- you should include your referral link so you can receive free blades


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