Monday, December 24, 2012

happy holidays and a crafty husband

holidays are a time of family and tradition.  christmas for us is typically filled with oodles of booze, holiday cookies, good times with family and friends, and often too much christmas cheer. there are board games to be played, movies to be watched, and treadmills to be left untouched.

in the midst of all the usual holiday hubbub, husband and i started our christmas tradition when we started dating in 2009. we like to take one evening for ourselves where we soak it all in and exchange little meaningful gifts. one gift is always an ornament for our family tree. this year, husband outdid himself and pulled a crafty card out of nowhere. i think he would tell you he even surprised himself. that sneaky husband printed out pictures from our wedding and added some paper from our wedding invitations to create the masterpiece you see below. a little crafter in the making.  now all i have to do is introduce him to our friend modpodge.

score one for husband.
happy holidays to all.

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