Sunday, December 23, 2012

our wedding day

our wedding was beyond a day to remember. it was simply magical and i couldn't imagine a better way to commit to forever to my one and only. i thoroughly enjoyed planning our wedding. husband would certainly tell you that it was maybe a little bit too much. ok, maybe a lotta bit too much. it's not my fault. quite frankly, the advent of sites like pinterest and weddinggawker have shifted wedding culture to create little martha stewarts in all corners of the universe. i may have joined the ranks. i am sure some of you out there can relate.

as we know, weddings can be a lot of work and cost buttloads of dough. ours was no exception, however our diligence and willingness to get down and dirty saved us tons of the green stuff in the end. i will be sharing details of our big day and oodles of money saving tricks and diy projects. 

stay tuned, my friends.


  1. It's never too much darling! It's your wedding day! The biggest day of your life. And you’re a woman so it's certainly not your fault if you're very excited about it (even after the wedding)!

    Kelli  Mueller

    1. it was a day to remember and i love reliving it every wednesday! Thanks for reading, Kelli!

  2. While I would have preferred a smaller wedding myself, I wanted to indulge her with a big one, because I know she will forever remember it. Heck, we’re only saying our first vows once, might as well go all out! :)


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