Thursday, December 27, 2012

latest music crush

photo found here

meet the kopecky family band. they aren't a real family, not in the whole genetic sense. they are however a kick butt band worth a mention. kopecky family six-piece band is straight out of nashville and are touring major cities in the  u.s. of a for the next few months. check out their npr music tiny desk concert series in the video below. 

i crush on them so hard. they are indeed quite pretty.


  1. Linsey, I love love love this band! Way to spread the good word :)

    1. i do what i can :) i am thinking of maybe making a trip up to madison...they play 1/25, i believe.

    2. they do, but i'm going to be in San Francisco that weekend. I'm bummed, you should go and let me know how it is!

  2. Oooh they are great...I can understand your crush! The 2 singers harmonies remind me a lot of the Weepies. {thanks for sharing}


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