Friday, December 28, 2012

free glasses >> merry christmas to me

find these glasses here

an advertisement on the facebook piqued my curiosity a couple of weeks ago. this ad informed me that i could be the lucky owner of a new pair of glasses (prescription glasses at that) for free. nilch. nothing. i like free things, so i decided to bite. skeptically, i logged on to their website and browsed the selection. surprisingly enough, they do have quite the selection for men, women and even kids. i opted for the lovelies you see above.  they have plenty of less nerdy options available as well, i promise. check it out.

i placed my order and used the code FIRSTPAIRFREE. this code discounted the entire price of my frames and standard prescription lenses. the only thing i had to pay for was shipping and taxes.  the grand total for a new pair of glasses-- $12.75. i'll take it. i know, i know...not really "free" but a pretty darn grand deal if you ask me. 

the verdict... totally impressed with coastal.  the glasses arrived a short week after i had placed my order... they arrived on christmas eve, in fact. included with my glasses-- a super duper heavy duty glasses case, a mini screwdriver, lens cleaner and a lens cloth. score one for me. the glasses fit well and the quality appears to be about average, although maybe a wee less durable than my warby parkers. not only are the glasses pretty tight, the company appears to have their heart in the right place too.  they give back and you can read about it here and here. my only gripe...the lenses smudge very easily and take some elbow grease to rub off.  good thing i am prepped with my lens cleaner and cloth.

happy shopping, my friends.

ps... this is not a sponsored post. i just had to share the good fortune my eyeballs have received.

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