Monday, December 31, 2012

new year's eve

image from 100layercake
two thousand twelve was quite the year. my best yet, in fact. i married the man who makes me whole and accepts me for all that i am. i seriously lucked out in the husband department even though he does things like this. i finished school (for the second time) and got a job teaching special education to the greatest, most diverse group of kids a gal could ever ask for. double score for me. 

i may be achy and sick on the couch today, but that doesn't get me down. two thousand thirteen is going to be equally awesome, if not better. i can feel it in my bones right next to the current fever aches. it looks like husband and i will be spending the night in, potentially making a cold curing soup. i might even gussy up my nails for the occasion. stay tuned.

what are you doing for new year's eve??

video found here and here


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