Friday, December 28, 2012

tribal inspired

tobi sweater << similar 123 >>, thrifted fur stole << similar >>, thrifted ringer tee,
thrifted jeans, 
steve madden boots << similar 1, 2 >>

every time i wear this sweater, people stop me to inquire about it. because of this, i knew i would want to showcase this comfy, tribal inspired beauty in my first outfit post. it really is a dream. now that i have things all set up and the pictures taken, i can't find the sweater anywhere on the interwebs. big. time. bummer. i originally purchased the sweater here, but alas they no longer have it. i scoured the web with no luck, but have included some pieces that may be somewhat of a long lost cousin.

comment below and let me know if you happen upon it.


  1. Look at how cute you are! Love the outfit. You can't go wrong with a cozy sweater + riding boots. love.

  2. this tobi site is awesome! maybe a little too awesome, eek :)

  3. another option here. thanks cathy!

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