Friday, January 25, 2013

the big chill and a pop of yellow

the big chill and a pop of yellow

hat- no idea, american eagle jeans, homemade thrifted sweater (2 bucks!!), old target button up <<similar>>, target belt <<on sale in the store>>, modcloth wedge booties <<similar>>

my face below says it all. it is beginning to feel a lot like winter here in the midwest. the week started out as a frosty mess and now our yard is finally blanketed with a wee bit of snow. oh, how i love thee wisconsin. hard to say that with a straight face during this time of year. this outfit is a typical casual winter weekend look for me. a big 'ol sweater is a must paired with a trusty belt to tie it all together ( hopes of making the look more flattering, of course). we do what we can with the weather we have, right? this belt is on clearance at target..go round it up.

husband and i are off on a mini road trip (for a spanish conference of sorts) to a land even chillier than here...minneapolis. i am pumped to return to my old stompin grounds (lived there for five years during the first go at college), yet wish the weather wasn't so ho humm. good thing i have my winter wear all packed. 

have a warm and wonderful weekend.

the big chill and a pop of yellow

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