Thursday, January 24, 2013

homeownership: is it in the cards?

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we took a leap today... husband and i have been here before, so we are doing our best not to get our hopes up. we put an offer in on a house that we are head over heels for. we keep telling ourselves that the third time is a charm. it will be this time... one can hope, right? there are other offers on the house floating around so the competition is getting fierce, folks. time to sharpen the nails and put our fighting pantalones on.

buying a home is stressful. it makes me want to curl up, crawl under the covers, and be a renter forever as to not have to deal with all this grown-up nonsense. however, this house is too good to pass up... it has so much to offer and my decorating brain is spinning right off of its spine right now. husband and i would be lucky to be able to make this house our newlywed home. 

hoping to share pictures of amazing rehab and diy pictures with you in the future!  

....crossing all my fingers and toes.


  1. crossing my fingers and toes for you too! xo

    1. thanks! we are still waiting for word from the seller. patience is wearing thin :)


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