Monday, March 25, 2013

exhausted and content

we did it. we finally moved in to our new abode. i couldn't be more elated to have it over with after three very long and very exhausting days. moving is the worst. wouldn't you agree?! i have mad props for professional movers...i bow down to all you mover guys and gals.

right now, husband and i are teetering in between unpacking our things and returning to our rental flat to make it all spiffy in hopes of garnering the entirety of our rental security deposit. our future furniture depends on it...fingers crossed. after nearly six years in the same place, tate has really made his presence known...scratches here and there and everywhere. some more evident than others. husband and i aren't too innocent in the matter as well.

our unpacking will be a slow and lingering process as husband and i must stop to get all our teacher duties in. in the meantime, we are cocooning ourselves in our loft area (which husband is refusing to allow me to call it the "great room"), while the downstairs continues to get beautified for the arrival of some of our new furniture. the pictures above are from the lofted area...we spent our first night here. it was serene and so peaceful. i think we are going to like it here...a whole lot. this will be a great space for relaxing and will be ready for guests a plenty to spend the night...hint, hint.

i also managed to make it over to my favorite antique and vintage purveyor this weekend. more on that heavenly place coming very soon. i picked up some dining room chairs to freshen up and this lovely industrial pendant light. i have big plans for it and will bringing you all along for the ride. stay tuned.

p.s....we don't have internet at our new place, so i am not sure how often i will be able to post in the coming weeks. i will do my best to keep ya in the loop.

p.p.s... you might also have to suffer from some less than ideal photos....dead camera battery. to make matters worse, i packed the charger in some place other than the camera bag. silly, silly choice and i don't even have husband to blame for this one.

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