Thursday, March 28, 2013

ready for spring

i said this earlier, and i'll say it again... you can never truly appreciate spring break until you become a teacher. tomorrow marks the first day of our break and it couldn't have come at a better time. not only has this school year taken its toll, this winter has been a beast and seems to be holding on for dear life. i am pretty sure punxsutawney phil doesn't know what he is talking about. on a lighter note, you can see from our new back porch view, the snow is just beginning to fade away. about damn time.

on a personal level, we are ready for a little husband and wife time that doesn't involve painting, grading papers, and unpacking boxes. thankfully, before this whole housebuying thing, we planned a trip out to california to visit one of husbands' childhood buddies. we are shipping out tomorrow and heading to monterey for a few days. after a brief stay, husband and i will finish our travel week exploring san francisco. neither one of us has been before, so a new adventure it will be. any dining/sights we shouldn't miss?

the blog may be a little light in the load in the coming week, you must forgive me. our camera battery charger is still mia (i am determined to find it for our trip!) and i really am making a promise to myself to unwind this break. i do however, commit to have some worthy content coming up real soon. house upgrades, new recipes and travel pictures galore.

have a happy easter and a marvelous spring break to all my fellow educators!!

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