Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the cowhide craze

cowhide rugs
cowhide is gracing the interiors world and its not just for the great northwoods. cabin chic is trickling into modern abodes and you simply can't avoid it... antlers and hides alike. we here at pretty preened bit the bullet and purchased one for our new abode. husband took some convincing... but as with most things relating to decorating, i may have won in the end. lets be realistic... if it was left up to him we would have matching lazy boys, a 72 inch flat screen tv and bare floors to boot. it is simply better this way.

all might not agree...with the whole cowhide thing that is. i questioned my decision as well, but fell for the look and rustic feel that cowhides bring to the home. when shopping around the interwebs, i wanted to make sure that i purchased from a purveyor against animal cruelty, one that sells hides that are a byproduct of the meat and farming industry. i found just that in ecowhides.com. another great bonus is the price. can't be beat. ours should arrive in the next few days and i will be sure to update on the quality in person.

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