Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wedding wednesday: the groom

groomy groom
i sure know how to pick em. well... it worked out for me that one time. the time when it mattered. this guy is sticking around and i've got the ring to prove it. one of the best moments of our big day was walking down the brick pathway to this face. at the end of the aisle was my dream. at the end of the aisle was my future...and it looks to be a good one at that.

as i sit here and reflect while all of the madness and chaos of life surrounds me nine months later, i am so grateful and thankful for this man. he grounds me and supports me like no one else can. he puts up with my incessant requests to bring me things while i toil away at my computer. he puts up with the stubbornness that surrounds me and my need to always be right. he actually wouldn't have me any other way. that's what i like to believe anyway.

all joking aside, when you find that "one," make some room for their nuances and annoying habits. i like to think they make life interesting. they did in our case....don't get me started on all the things i have to put up with. he he...

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