Monday, April 22, 2013

beautifying hardwood floors

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flooring played a big supporting role in the decision we made towards making a home purchase. husband and i are not huge fans of carpet (though it is easier to clean when one of your family members sheds enough hair for the making of one wig...per day, no less), so naturally we preferred a home with hardwood floors as natural and gorgeous as those pictured above belonging to the the enviable jenna lyons. we must really like torturing ourselves with the cleaning.

after all the paper work was signed and we walked into our empty home we were thrilled that this space was ours to make a home. what we weren't too excited about was the condition the floors were in. we weren't anticipating having to redo the flooring prior to painting and moving in our furnishings. pain in the thank you.

sanding and refinishing was unfortunately out of the question. too time consuming for the little time we had to make the transition into our home. husband and i weren't about to give up on it though. not our style. after all, we didn't totally hate the color of the floors, really all they needed was a little freshening up. 

this is where rejuvenate came in. rejuvenate is the bomb and so incredibly easy to apply...or so i have been told (from a very trusted source). honestly, if i speak the truth (and i do!)  i wouldn't know first hand. you heard me right. i did not treat my uber handy, super helpful godsend of a mother worked her magic while husband and i were at work teaching. she singlehandedly finished the floors in our master bedroom, guest bedroom, living and dining room in two days. the whole process probably took her about four hours or so. she is also meticulous, so this just goes to show you how easy and quick rejuvenate gets the job done.

rejuvenate is a floor "refresher" of sorts. basically, you clean your floors (ours are hardwood...there have been mixed reviews on other types of flooring) and remove all furniture. next, apply the rejuvenate floor cleaner with the rejuvenate microfiber bonnet. (follow instructions on the bottle). once the floors have been cleaned, you may apply the professional satin finish wood floor restorer with another bonnet. let dry. i would recommend waiting for a day and half to two days time before bringing any furniture back in.

we are thrilled with the results. the satin finish is just what we were looking for. not too glossy, just a nice little sheen. (i cannot attest to the results of the glossy option). we have pictures....somewhere. when i find where i put them...they may still be on the camera, i will include them in this post. until then, you are gonna have to put a little trust in me. if not me, then certainly my mother. my mom was so impressed with her skills that she decided to freshen up her own floors at home with the same refresher system. she is good, that one.

rejuvenate...i give it two thumbs up.
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