Wednesday, April 17, 2013

san francisco

"leaving san francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. you want to linger as long as possible." -walter kronkite

spring break was a dandy time for both husband and i and quite frankly, not enough of it was spent in san francisco. we hit many a sight, but two days is simply not enough. through it all, husband and i are quite inspired and are itching to paint the exterior of our homes. i just swoon over the color combinations. 

we can't wait to go back, but will relish these photos in the meantime.

when we travel, husband and i tend to stray away from hotels. we prefer the comfort of a bed & breakfast (who doesn't like having breakfast included!?) or the casualness of staying in someone elses' home. we frequently utilize to find a well-reviewed private abode to park our luggage and rest our heads. if you haven't visited their site, run on over there right quick.

this go, we really nailed it. husband and i stayed at the chateau tivoli, a restored victorian mansion in the heart of the alamo square neighborhood. the keepers were gracious and hospitable, only to be outdone by the majestic interiors. best part about it....we paid $115 a night...breakfast included. this is a STEAL for san fran. we highly recommend it. below we have some of the beauty and character found within the walls of the chateau tivoli.

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